When Alaska Calls, You Answer

Looks like another trip to Alaska on “Sally” has infiltrated my otherwise sedentary future…  This time, the Demster Highway and Tuktoyaktuk is the plan.  For any number of reasons, this won’t happen until 2020 and I have yet to request permission, so who knows.  But, there is a large part of me that yearns to get back there – in a more open and relaxed state of mind.  The spirit of the place is persistent but subtle.  Kind of lurking, calling and teasing all at the same time.  I spoke to “Sally” tonight and she is game.  With over 70K miles, she is willing and so am I.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “When Alaska Calls, You Answer

  1. Mark Watson

    That is awesome!!! I certainly hope “permission” is granted!! Look forward to 2020 and following your adventure! Btw I bought the R1200R!!! 😀😀

  2. Chris Rushlau

    You might find this interesting. Backstory: Mowat wrote two books, at least, about being an infantry “left-tenant” in the Canadian Army in Italy in WWII: The Regiment and And No Birds Sang. Reading the below has put all that heartwrenchingness in perspective. I got my Mowat gig from my uncle who had a complex about Alaska when he was not being a college president.


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