Effortlessness and Listening

About 6 months ago my wife, daughter and I, with the 2 dogs, packed our bags and other belongings and headed to our new home just outside of Portland, Maine.  Our motivation had nothing to do with careers or family but only with a feeling that it was the right thing to do.  Risk be damned, embrace the ambiguity of action without plan and act on those inclings that life has more to offer.  Some might call it listening to the inner voice – difficult with all the external noise.

So, the result?  Effortless living and faith in the magic of being, but not doing.  I have never worked harder in my life.  My office this morning was just reaching 46℉ (inside) when I finished my 1st bunch of emails at 5:15am. My commute is now about 9 hrs, one way.  But, for the first time as long as I can remember – the effort is gone.  I have no trouble sleeping.

The newly constructed woodshed is full; the wood stove is doing its job as the Maine winter has finally come home to roost – them outside is about 8° F out right now and dropping.  Life is definitely harder, but the energy is directed to the tangible rather than stress, money and traffic.

With the move behind us and the seemingly unending list of tasks dwindling, my mind is turning to all of the things that I can do when winter eases his grip a little.  The key is to listen to the call, do what comes naturally and ignore the things that are hard – their voices will fade quickly….

Now,,, should I work on prepping Sally (the BMW 1200 GSA) for the next trip, organizing the fly fishing equipment for a little northern Maine excursion, dig out the kayaking drysuit to check for leaking gaskets, maybe wax the tips and tails on the XC skis, charge up the batteries on the Nikon, or…?  Always something to do. But, for now, I think I will sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine and do nothing at all.


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