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MainAKBigOver the past several months and over 18months since my visit, I find my interest in Alaska intensifying.  Not sure why.  I have a map of the state over my desk at work and find myself frequently staring at it, wondering about the weather, wildlife, people and terrain – with no rhyme nor reason. What is the draw to the state?  The adventure of visiting?  The raw climate and accompanying weather?

Each night when I check the weather forecast, the drill seems to include checking on Anchorage, Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay as well.   Imagine seeing this summary in the sunrise/sunset section:

Prudhoe Bay Weather

I can’t help but think it would be great to experience this – although those who do tell me I would change my tune after living without light for a few months…

Well, I still see another visit in the cards – hopefully sooner than later.  Thinking about it is a bit overwhelming – where to go and when, how long and what activities?  Maybe I can talk the family into moving there for a few years?  Nawww, never happen…  But, a 10 day visit might…