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Jesse Luggage, Transam Trail, etc…

Jesse Luggage

After nearly 50,000 miles on the 2009 1200 GSA, one of the issues that has gotten progressively worse is the weather resistance of the panniers.  With the various falls, bangs and bruises from any number of accidents, the panniers take the brunt of the impact.  As such, they get bent, pounded back into shape and bent again.  Inevitably, the lids leak a little more each time.  Not a big deal if you are going camping and keep everything in water proof bags, but daily commuting with papers, files and a laptop is a bit riskier.

I decided to abandon the factory BMW bags and replace them with a set of Jesse Luggage panniers.  Spent the last few nights removing the old system and installing the new.  Cleaned-up a few issues such as stripped threads on the frame and wiring routing in the process.  In spite of all of the reports of difficult installation and poor instructions, went without a hitch.  Now, the 2 panniers that I have, give me about 30% more storage capacity, even without the top box.  Great therapy working on the bike – cheaper than a counselor…

The Trans-America Trail


The Trans-America Trail is  a 5,000 mile off-road trail from Tennessee to Oregon geared towards dual sport motorcycle riders. It was put together by Sam Correro; extraordinary effort.

I would love to do this one.  Looks like takes about 22 days if one pulls out the stops, 30 days is more doable and fun.  Not sure I could do it on my big 1200 GSA, but maybe a KLR 650 or BMW Sertao.  According to the various posts, the only way to get through the high passes along the western part of the route is to do this portion of the trip between July and August – means leaving in late June or July.

Thinking about it – not sure the domestic side of my life can afford it, but can’t hurt to think about it.  Maybe 2014?  I’m about due…