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Doing what you love – vocation with a purpose…

How many of us jump out of bed in the morning with a fire in our belly and a passion for going to work?  Kind of an oxymoron – the thought of fun/enjoyment and work?   I recently stumbled across a site that rekindled – or should I say opened a wound that has been festering most of my life.  The wound, that I thought had pretty well scarred over, is that of working in a field or a job that rarely brings a sense of purpose – a job that you don’t embrace or are excited about.  A job that at best, provides the freedom to pursue passions and interests outside of the 40 hrs/week that earns our livings.

Yscouts-logo-300x851Well, the vocation with a purpose may not be as far-fetched as you might think say the folks at “Y-Scouts” – the group that runs the company that developed the web site that I mentioned above.  The Y Scouts are all about poking  those who have settled for less than they really should have in their job – those who are working without a purpose.   They preach the pursuit of purpose in work, and not settling until you find it.

I think back to the days as a youngster that were timeless, filled with interests and childlike curiosity – long before you were supposed to “know” what you wanted to do with your life.  Remember those days?   For me it was a passion for anything aquatic – from dissecting planaria to dreams of riding along with Jacques Cousteau as he explored the ocean.  I can remember taking SCUBA diving lessons at 13, well beneath the age where certification was allowed; taking marine biology classes over the summer with the University of Delaware in Lewes, DE at 15; finally attending school in FL where SCUBA diving as a required course and marine biology was a constant theme on campus.  Then reality struck – how in the hell can you make a living doing this?  Switched to the engineering curriculum in order to have a shot at getting a job upon graduation – been on that path ever since…

The Y-Scouts site is lots of fun – if you can control your envy of those who are doing what they love.  Lots of fun exercises and inspiration, especially on the pages related to “How do you find your WHY?”  I really liked some of the snippets in Paul Graham’s Essay: How to Do What You Love.  A bit wordy and rambling, but, all good stuff and worth poking around a bit.

Check out the Y-Scouts site at: Send ’em a resume and join the team – What the worst that can happen?  But before you do ask yourself a couple of questions (these came from somewhere on the Y-Scouts site):

1. What would you do tomorrow if money was no object?  Would you still get up and do what you are doing now?

2. If you knew you only had a few days to live, would you still do what you are doing between now and the big day?  ( a little melodramatic, but you get the point…)

Hmmmm…  Enough of this rambling…  it’s too much fun.  Need to get back to “working”, bills gotta be paid…

Jack London Quote

Saw this quote at the beginning of the video referenced a couple of posts ago and thought it was worth reposting here:

“I would rather be ashes than dust!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.” 
― Jack London

Think we could all use a little of this attitude in our day-to-day decision-making…  Something to think about when you are doing you 2014 planning – “What will I pursue this year?”

The 1st Ride on the Sertao


This will be my 1st blog entry via the iPad from the woods. Kind of an experiment…

Finally got the Sertao out for some camping this weekend. Was planning on a old night and it turned out to be pretty nice. I seem to be the only camper at French Creek State Park – wonder if the snow and cold are keeping folks away?

The new bike did fine with all of the gear on it, but I need to get used to only one cylinder. Now I understand why they call them “thumpers”! Got to French Creek about 4 pm and grabbed a site in the snow. Still took almost 1.5 hours to get it all set-up. Had dinner and am now curled up in the tent. About 40 degrees out, but cozy in the tent. Only a little after 7 pm, so not sure what I will do the next few hours..

Up early tomorrow and heading home. Need to be a little careful as the wet roads will be ice tomorrow. More then with a few pictures.

Pine Barrens Adventure Camp Coming Up!

pbacbanner12With the recent medical issues behind me, I am gearing up for the Pine Barrens Adventure Camp in about 2 weeks.  Although a bit out of shape from the recovery from the melanoma surgery, I am looking forward to the camp and getting the GSA off the road.  My last real training on the big bike (1200 GS) was over 3 years ago when I took the Rawhyde course in Pittsburgh.  I have done very little off road riding, except for about 600 miles of gravel enroute to Prudhoe Bay last summer.  Currently back to a couple of miles a day and some light weight training, so should be good to go in about 10 days.

Promises to be fun and certainly will push the skills envelope and this tired, nearly 60-yr old body.  Hope to get the bike prepared this week-end by removing the accessory lights, removing the mud guard (always falls off anyway), adding the TKC 80 tires and a couple of more items.  Have to dig out the BMW Rallye riding gear.  A summary of the course can be found in my previous post of February 2.  Stay tuned for the gory details!

Not So Fast!!!

Funny how the idea of consolidating blogs, publishing some photos and pontificating a bit seems so simple and clear in concept – then the reality of restructuring this concept to a functional blog/site sets in…  Found out that the implementation of my “great idea” is just not possible at my current level of understanding and expertise.  I will need to dig into FTP protocols, hosting parameters and a myriad of other specifics before I can establish the structure that I envisioned… What I have come to realize is that my mind works a bit differently than the masses for which the software and plug-ins were designed.  Oh well, nothing worth while is ever easy…

The Blog is Back!

After several years of writing adventure specific blogs – those dedicated to various trips I have taken – I have taken the plunge and begun the process of consolidating the old blogs, pictures and posts into one.  I have managed to get through the quagmire of registering a domain, loading up the WordPress software and playing a bit with the appearance of a dedicated site.

I am hoping to move the blog on the recent trip to Alaska by motorcycle ( and the previous one on a trip to Patagonia ( to this new site, as well as writings and photos on a few more diverse subjects.  This will take lots of time and the independently hosted site is a bit more tricky than that hosted by WordPress, but feels great to be back blogging.

This site will include content from these previous blogs, lots of photography, a bit of armchair philosophy, equipment/book/DVD reviews, trip reports and lots of other drivel that is of little value, but lots of fun to write.

I should have the theme and many of the mechanics of the site sorted out within a few days, so if you have a mind, check back frequently to follow or get updates.  Thoughts for blog post subjects or issues are welcome and thanks for reading!