Perkiomen Paddle

Had the chance to get the new canoe (Wenonah Wilderness) out for a bit of a paddle in preparation for the upcoming Schuylkill Sojourn.  Well, after hundreds of hours in a kayak, actually maybe thousands of hours, I felt like a real amateur in a canoe.  The Perkiomen is not the easiest place for a first time paddle either.  Shallow, rocky and many, many portages.  Seems like I spent more time walking the canoe than paddling.

After about 2 ½ hours on the water I had only traveled about 4 miles down this rocky creek.  I was probably a bit more conservative than I needed to be, but didn’t want to leave kevlar on all of the rocks in the creek.  Might have been better off in a Royalex material, would have cared Great Blue Heron-1much less about damage…  My intent was to get some time coordinating paddling, navigating while simultaneously taking some photos, and this little jaunt was good experience and prep for my upcoming photo mission.

In any case, was a nice day and for the 1st time in a long while, I was focused on peddling and my surrounding rather than work and other things that tend to fill my mind.  I did drift mentally a few times and one of them ended up with me in the water and the canoe floating away.  Not a big deal in 12″ of water, but taught me a lesson.

Common Merganser

Common Merganser


Saw lots of wildlife including deer, mergansers, egrets and even what I thought was an otter or large weasel. Are there otters on the Perkiomen?  I wouldn’t have believed it!  Unfortunately, didn’t get a lot of good photos as I kept the camera in the waterproof case and could not get it out in time for many of them.

Lots of activity on the Perkiomen Trail, being  a nice Saturday morning and all.  People sure stared at me, some fool dragging a canoe down about 3″ of water in the middle of the creek.  Overall, a pleasant morning, good exercise and learned a bit of respect for the handling of a canoe in moving water, not as easy as I thought.

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