The 1st Ride on the Sertao


This will be my 1st blog entry via the iPad from the woods. Kind of an experiment…

Finally got the Sertao out for some camping this weekend. Was planning on a old night and it turned out to be pretty nice. I seem to be the only camper at French Creek State Park – wonder if the snow and cold are keeping folks away?

The new bike did fine with all of the gear on it, but I need to get used to only one cylinder. Now I understand why they call them “thumpers”! Got to French Creek about 4 pm and grabbed a site in the snow. Still took almost 1.5 hours to get it all set-up. Had dinner and am now curled up in the tent. About 40 degrees out, but cozy in the tent. Only a little after 7 pm, so not sure what I will do the next few hours..

Up early tomorrow and heading home. Need to be a little careful as the wet roads will be ice tomorrow. More then with a few pictures.

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