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Pine Barrens Adventure Camp

The New 1200 GSA

The New 1200 GSA

After putting nearly 75,000 combined  miles on my current 1200 GSA and previous GS, I still always feel a little insecure when I see the “pavement ends” sign warning of a change in road conditions. This is in spite of taking a Rawhyde Adventures course a few years ago, about 1500 miles on dirt/gravel in South America and 2-3,000 solo miles off-road in AK. The big BMW 1200 GS Adventure is made for off-road excursions and became famous in Charley and Ewan’s round the world motorcycle ride documented in the Long Way Round series a few years ago.

With a little over 45,000 miles on the GSA, I decided it was time to throw on the knobbies, get it a little dirty and to brush up on my off-road skills through the Pine Barrens Adventure Camp – a 2-day course in south New Jersey offered this April.  The Pine Barrens is a great area to experience due to the unique environment and landscape; boasting more than 1,000 miles of trails to develop and test riding skills.  The course promises to “prepare you to safely navigate your way through this amazing but sometimes challenging landscape, and help improve your off-road adventure riding abilities.”  Well, I guess this remains to be seen, but the instructors sure seem to be up to the task.  I just hope they are around to help me pick-up the 650 pound motorcycle when it falls, as it is sure to do.

pbacbanner16I will provide a blow-by-blow account of the adventure as the course gets started here on the blog. For more information, check out the Pine Barrens Adventure Camp here.  I’ll provide the details and plenty of photos, maybe a video spot.  The course is scheduled for April 27 & 28, 2013 and looks like a pretty full agenda.  Stay tuned!